So, why us?

We love IT! A good job too, as it can be a complicated world. But we are honestly interested in problems and love finding solutions. With Turncloud you can achieve greater efficiency, effectiveness and profitability. And this is all wrapped up in making sure we have the IT expertise and always deliver the best first response. No disappearing into the ether with a problem given to Turncloud!

Alright, you may have heard lots of this before from other IT support providers, but just the way we talk is different. No baffling with complicated IT words, as what’s the point! We want to work with you and want to make a difference to your business. In fact, we believe in that so much that we have created the Turncloud DNA which reflects the essence of us, how we operate and like to do business. Check it out…the Turncloud DNA

We are proud to support our local community and so for every computer installed, we will make a donation to Lindengate. Based in Wendover, over 5 acres, Lindengate’s therapeautic gardens and wildlife haven, supports people with low to moderate mental health needs, promoting health and wellbeing and offering people the opportunity to build resilience.

So why not talk to us…test us…

…in fact go all out and ask us something difficult…we will listen and come back with a solution.

Let us show you that not all IT companies are the same… #ITsDifferentHere

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