May 13, 2020



You know what it’s like…you’re just sitting down to crack on with your day’s work and you realise that overnight your computer needed to do an update. One: you don’t know if it is genuine and two; you were all ready to focus on your task list and now you have to wait while it does it thing!

In fact that is exactly what happened this morning. And that got us thinking. With the majority of us working remotely at the moment and highly likely to be working on company laptops and desktops at home, how do you make sure the machines are staying up to date? Updates are frequently distributed and while some provide enhancements, many include those all-important security fixes to patch up vulnerabilities. They are largely controlled by the provider and the network, so you may not always be forewarned about them. Plus, there is the peril of antivirus software being out-of-date – one thing you really can’t afford to be exposed on! But if it’s your company kit, then you need to know that these are being applied.

So while some may be venturing back into an office environment; from the most recent news that is still likely to be in a very limited capacity. Therefore how can you make sure that those all-important updates are being actioned and that the most recent version of the anti-virus software is running? Practically, there’s no way you can visit every machine and perform the update yourself. You may well be able to trust every single person on your team to diligently go through the update process when prompted. Or you could send out reminders when you are asked to do an update yourself to request that they do the same. But is that the best way?

Making sure the software on your PCs is up to date is one of the best protections you can employ. However with us all working so remotely, the current level of protection for your business is really only a best guess. Let’s talk about another way…

A central workstation management platform could be the answer. This would keep all your kit up to date, regularly scan and check systems (scarily good cyber security practice suggests this should be done every 14 days!), while also giving remote control and background support which also obviously means that social distancing rules are adhered to. The machines can actually be anywhere in the world, while at the same time there is also a great view on which machines are on, which are protected and which are safe. What’s more with this support approach in place if something does happen, then the computers can be reached in seconds or even warnings of issues can be received before the people are forced to stop working.

Sounds expensive? Well with remote monitoring and regular reviews of your machines, it really doesn’t have to be. But it WILL give peace of mind. In fact, here at Turncloud we are so convinced about the many advantages of heading off any problems before they even arise we are offering a trial of the service  for FREE for a month.

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