August 1, 2019


K2 Global



The company

K2 Global offers a range of services including airline Customer Relations support, aviation luggage claim settlement, warehouse pick and pack services and luggage manufacturer aftersales support.  Add the largest luggage repair service in the UK with thousands of suitcases passing through the workshop on a monthly basis and K2 Global is able to offer a wealth of experience for all things luggage.  Based in Maidenhead, Berkshire, the business has expanded its portfolio significantly over the years.  Through a mixture of experience in the field, continual improvement and a people focussed approach whilst seeking out the best partners and Subject Matter Experts, K2 Global will continue to offer ever increasing quality.

The challenge

The business has always had an IT support provider, but was finding that they were becoming less and less of a priority. Issues were not getting resolved, IT supply was being disrupted which in turn was leading to loss of revenue. They therefore wanted to find a company that they could work in partnership with. In particular, they were keen to work with a local company who was readily available and prepared to help, but would also respect what they wanted to achieve. Through a combination of recommendations and also online searching they discovered Turncloud and started working with them in 2017.

The results

Turncloud have established a critical relationship with K2 Global. They are able to provide all the local IT support they were seeking, but also talk in a language that could be understood.

“It is great working with Turncloud and over the last couple of years they have more than exceeded expectations. They’re easy to talk to; they care and want us to succeed. What’s more they’re totally realistic about what we really need and don’t sell something to us because they can – it’s always because we need it.”

Jason Carnzu, K2 Global
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