April 29, 2021



Do it once. Do it right! It is likely that this saying is something we have heard or for that matter shared with others at some point. However, in some instances the actual principle of the statement and what it means may well come in through the front door and leave by the back. In the IT world we are frequently presented with this dilemma. For many a compromise on the price in the short term, may then lead to ending up needing to do it again in the not too far distant future. However, we prefer not to operate like that and instead listen to what ultimately is the business objective and work towards creating the right IT solution from the outset.

But going back to the statement: what does it really mean in our world? Well, generally there are a multitude of different ways to tackle something and setting up a strong, secure IT operation is no different. While budget will ultimately influence this, there are occasions where it is not worth the compromise. And it is in these situations that it can make better sense to invest potentially more at the outset in order to create a longer term, future proofed IT system. The trick is knowing when it is worth making this increased investment.

Our work with a myriad of companies of different scales and stages of their business lifecycle means we have encountered a wide variety of differing scenarios. Take the hospitality business that wanted to improve their in-house WiFi and so went down the route of buying an off-the-shelf High Street solution only to find that when multiple users were using it, the system could not cope. Or the business with multiple people now working from home and trying to make access to critical files work through a convoluted means of someone being in the office to send out the relevant files. Both had entered into a realm of ‘that will do’, when in reality they were potentially losing money as customers left disgruntled or time on a project was significantly increased with people working off different variations of documents.

Early on in IT support we learnt that spending time doing something right generally avoided the need to do it twice. Now a lot further down the line, we have come to appreciate the complete truth around that sentiment. However, in order to identify what is the ‘do it right’ approach we thought it was worth outlining some of the areas we consider:

1. What is the IT vision or goal?

What is your expectation and what are you wanting to achieve? Simple enough questions, but the answers give direction to the IT solution and hopefully also address any of your thoughts for the future too rather than purely being focused on the short term. This way investment in an IT approach at the outset has the capability to hopefully evolve with your business and where you want to take it.

2. Build the approach

Some may give this the grand title of ‘strategy’ but that is not what we are about. Instead, we are keen to work with you to find the perfect solution. Plus, we are independent. This means we are just as comfortable supplying a standard single approach as we are a hybrid which could involve a mix of solutions to fit your need such as you might find with data storage.

3. Evolve (if necessary)

During the process, your business priorities may change, things need to be addressed or stuff just happens! That’s OK. Let’s face it we have had a lot of adapting, pivoting and flexing over the last twelve months and most of us now know we can do it time and time again. The ideal is to establish an IT operation that withstands these changes and is capable of adjusting to cope. In fact that is where IT Support can keep much of this in control by regularly running security checks and identifying stress points in your IT system.

There is no magic wand or one solution to perfectly fit the IT needs of a small business. However, with an effective relationship with your IT Support partner you can in the long term mitigate costs. So while the mantra may be ‘do it once…do it right’ it could also be ‘do it right…or do it twice!’.

Obviously our recommendation would be to work with us to define what you are wanting to achieve from an IT perspective. Then we would create a robust system that will work with your business moving forwards. However, some prefer to do it themselves, therefore if there are two things to take from this then make sure you really understand your original goal and try to make sure that the right solution really is the right one.

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