July 10, 2020



Remember those good old days of cables everywhere. No options then; you just had to use cables to physically link between spaces. Well actually, they probably weren’t really good old days, when we reflect back! Nothing wrong with it at the time, that was just the way things were. But things constantly shift onwards and in IT there are generally a number of different ways of doing the same thing. The key is figuring out the very best for the situation. In fact let’s face it; the world of technology constantly seems to have new ways of doing old things appearing all the time.

So, why are we in this reflective mood? Well we’re in the process of helping a customer expand their operations in to a new warehouse unit at the moment. Simple enough – except the new one is close, but not adjacent to an existing one. Previously we might have suggested that they bring a broadband line in to the new unit and then we’d have created a VPN tunnel between the two. Or for a little bit of ‘Mission Impossible’ style gone for more speed and more money and fired a laser between the buildings and expanded the LAN using this laser link. Maybe taking it into another ultra-secret level, we could have buried a cable under cover of darkness around the edge of the estate and hoped no one noticed!

Thankfully we’ve managed to avoid the use of lasers or getting our digging kit out, as practically technology has moved on. So, what was our solution? Well now you are able to achieve a link between the buildings with a point to point wireless setup. The extent of speed is still dependent upon spend, but for less than £500 you can have a 450 Mbps link that extends your LAN over quite some distance. Whilst that’s only half the speed of a standard network connection, it’s more than 5 times as fast than a run-of-the-mill broadband link.

Funnily enough we’re installing one of these this week and actually have two more planned in the pipeline. So, if you have a connectivity problem you’re trying to solve, be it across a trading estate or across a bay (yes we do mean a water filled bay and yes we have actually done this!) then talk to us. New ways of doing things are appearing all the time and with so many options out there, you really don’t need to compromise on your wireless setup.

So this is our mission that we have chosen to accept…(watch out as this message may well self-destruct!)

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