March 26, 2020



Working from home? Self-isolating? Juggling the dynamics of working with family life and home schooling? If your IT technology is letting you down or you can’t figure out why something just won’t work, then we are opening up our helpdesk from 4 – 5 p.m. every day to help.

If you are in an OX or HP postcode, you can get free support and advice on your IT issue – be that laptop problems, trying to figure out Teams, Skype or FaceTime, your connection dropping out, a PC not connecting to the home printer…the list is endless! But what’s more is that we’re not limiting this to business questions, as we are equally happy to help on personal IT issues too.

So reach out by emailing and we will take a look.

Also just so you’re aware; we’re obviously really busy with lots of requests for IT support help at the moment. So prioritise any #JustAskTurncloud enquiries to be dealt with between 4 – 5 p.m  every weekday. But don’t feel left out…you can email us at any time!

In the meantime, keep well and we’ll help if we can. Because #ITsDifferentHere

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