May 7, 2020



Well it looks things might be shifting slightly…how slightly we have yet to find out!

Let’s face it much of what we have been doing so far during this unprecedented situation has been working remotely. We have continued to provide support for your current systems and to bring new systems online through remote preparation and courier delivery. The facts are that we don’t really anticipate these arrangements will change that much in the short term. However, this glimmer of change could mean that many companies will be preparing to put self-distancing measures in place. And this is potentially likely to require some IT help to set up this new way of working at a distance…while actually being at work!

It has therefore been an important moment to explore and review the government guidance on engineer visits as there could be a chance that these might start happening again over the next few weeks. Our initial thoughts on our approach are:

  • Requests for onsite service will only be given when remote support really, really cannot be used. Practically, if staff can move and connect devices, then here at Turncloud we can actually reconfigure most things remotely.
  • Make sure that all physical changes that are required are made to allow for social distancing measures, leaving us to get on with the actual IT stuff rather than tackling any non-critical changes when we do come and visit.
  • If you need hardware moved, then please do this yourselves if possible. We will not move furniture, but are happy to work from a drawn plan if the office is empty.
  • When on site, we would expect to be working in an area with only 1 other person or ideally alone and are very happy to schedule the work to the end of a day to achieve this.
  • While with you we will avoid accessing bathroom and kitchen facilities and will attempt to limit visits to no more than 2 hours on site.
  • We will also limit contact with all PC equipment, but especially keyboards and mice. In fact we may bring even bring our own wireless equipment with us.

Finally, please don’t be offended if we ask for details of the measures you have in place before attending. Just like you and everyone else, we’re really trying to work out a sensible way forward whilst protecting ourselves and you.

It truly is strange times and this is merely going to be a shift in those times rather than a return to how we all operated before. So, if you do have plans to re-open and want to chat this through, then do call us.

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