December 24, 2020



What will 2021 bring? Who really knows! Let’s face it; last year at this time we had no idea of what a different world we were entering into. If the unpredictability of 2020 taught us anything, it was to adapt to change. So as one saying says ‘we may not all be in the same boat, but we are in the same storm’. Maybe it is time for us to not yearn for ‘normal’ but instead just accept what is the new normal.

You might be thinking this is all a bit deep for an IT Support business. Maybe! But there is also a sense that actually IT has got us through. It has given most of us a more unusual perspective, offered some diverse opportunities and encouraged us to live in a different way. In some cases this may not have been what we wanted, but it certainly has helped. From YouTube online works outs with Joe Wicks to home schooling with Google Classroom and let’s not forget Zooming – all of which have helped us adapt to new way of living and operating.

Our experiences at Turncloud have been no different. We have supported our clients to shift how they work. In those early days there was a lot of reacting to situations rather than being able to be proactive and plan approaches. But it has all worked, as illustrated in a blog earlier in the year on how technology is helping us cope with Covid-19. And then as time went on, we actually found that elements for some may be creaking under the strain, which is when we explored the broadband connection realities of working from home. This was further complicated by concerns about security and those regular updates which always seem to come at the very moment, when you could really do without your device deciding it will do no more until they have been completed!

So as we enter into the last throws of 2020 and the feeling of potential promise for 2021, maybe it is time to consider actually what is ‘normal’? Maybe we should just accept that this just is normal for this moment in time. And we will get through it. Pre-Covid (can you believe there is even that term now!), we would probably have been encouraging businesses to not be driven by events, not to be reactive in their thinking and to ‘lengthen their stride’ perhaps to increase performance. But not now! When our elected representatives stand up and change tack at a moment’s notice, the ability to react quickly is a strength and to accept that shows fortitude.

So from our experiences over the last 12 months, we believe there are two approaches that businesses need to consider in this new world. The first is to encourage their teams to react quickly to change and to work with suppliers that are prepared to do the same. If your supplier only wants to work with particular vendors, only allows lengthy contracts and throws up barriers when you try to adapt your purchasing model, then your ability to respond to those standing at a podium is being hampered. The second approach is when you do make a change (and to steal a Boris phrase!), you should build back better. There is lots of technology that we’re now using that works better in this work-from-home world. So whilst decisions are being made fast, companies need to take a moment to ask “what new ways are there of doing this?” There is lots of change around at the moment and despite the uncertainty and challenges, change can be good for businesses.

Finally, we need to embrace whatever the future brings and if there is one person to take inspiration from (who we did not even know 12 months ago), how about Captain Tom for whom “Tomorrow is a good day.”

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