October 16, 2019



Reducing your Office365 licensing costs with shared mailboxes

Looking to reduce costs? Not sure if you’re being correctly charged? Or you may have been in Office365 for a while and thinking of moving. But before you do anything, it could be time to take stock, as there are actually several ways that you can reduce or limit your monthly bill.

Let’s make this a bit simpler to show you how. We have a fictional company with just 3 members of staff, but 6 mailbox licenses. Currently they have;

  • John@
  • Sam@
  • Kim@
  • Accounts@
  • Marketing@
  • Sales@

John, Sam and Kim all need to have their own email addresses (john@, sam@ and kim@).
Sam does the accounts, so she also wants the address accounts@. But importantly she doesn’t actually need to send emails from accounts@. This could therefore be set up as an alias rather than a mailbox. Any emails sent to that accounts@ address would then just appear in her inbox and the even better news is that aliases are free.

John wants the address marketing@ to receive replies to campaigns he’s running. He always uses his own address for outbound emails, but he also wants Kim, the MD, to see any inbound marketing emails. They can’t both have an alias, but they could have a distribution group, where messages to marketing@ are received by both of them. Yet more great news here is that distribution groups are also free.

The sales@ mailbox however, is very sensitive. All 3 members of staff use it and they need to see whether someone else has responded. They also send quotes out from sales@. In this situation an alias or a distribution group doesn’t work, but a shared mailbox would. Yes, you guessed it – shared mailboxes are free!

Here a shared mailbox performs exactly like a normal mailbox, except it doesn’t have credentials – so it can only be added to an existing paid mailbox. This means that it can’t be added to a mobile device. You can even convert a normal mailbox to a shared mailbox and release the license without having to move it’s contents.

Therefore, in our fictitious company, if the licensing used a mix of real, alias, group and shared addresses, we could potentially half the number of paid mailboxes. Since in most cases licensing is charged monthly, you could reduce costs almost immediately.

Now that’s got to be worth a look…

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