Cloud Storage

It may feel like there’s a lot to think about when looking at a cloud based storage solution, but that really doesn’t mean that it needs to be either complicated or expensive. Cloud storage is a broad term and involves many different connotations.

To guide you through, we can provide any variety and combination from pure public servers cloud storage, on specific private servers or local servers that are visible from the cloud or able to replicate to it.

Cloud Storage

To figure out how Cloud Storage might work for you, why not ask these questions?

What applications do you have that are already cloud ready?
Do you need all your data available online or just a subset?
Where is the data hosted and are there compliance questions relating to the country that hosts it?
Should the data be encrypted before storing it online?
Would an onsite or hybrid (combination of on the premises and in the cloud) solution be a better fit?
How will my remote workers access information?

Cloud Storage…made simple!

What’s more with Turncloud you don’t need to worry about compliance restrictions on keeping data within the UK. We can easily advise you on the best approach and the top data encryption services for your environment.

Talk to us about what you’re trying to do…knowing us it’s highly likely we’ve seen it all before and will quickly know exactly the right solution for you.

What are you trying to achieve? We can navigate you through the many ways of using cloud storage.

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