Device Management

How many PCs and laptops do you have? What version of Windows are they running? Do you have a list of serial numbers, memory configuration and know the hard disk size?

Let’s face it only IT geeks like us would be interested in most of this stuff. Creating a list like this and then keeping it up to date may be essential, but it can be time consuming too. Developing your systems, planning budgets and future proofing your IT relies on this information. It also makes our ability to support you easier.

Device Management

What is asset tracking?

To make life easier we offer:

Asset tracking including status automatically updated (i.e. if kit is disposed of or new machines bought)
Ability to view hardware and software configurations online and see when devices are offline
Adding of antivirus and content filtering remotely
Cloud backups performed remotely
Remotely wipe company phones and tablets
Take control to gain instant remote control for support 

Now you know what you have, we can look to including other relevant services to your workstations. Take time to explore whether anti-virus software is successfully running on all your PCs…or do you want to filter websites for particular units? Perhaps remote machines need to be backed up to the cloud?

Monitored Servers

As a daily practice our helpdesk looks every morning at the status of all our client’s servers. This includes backup outcomes, disk space, services running and a host of many other variables. By doing this, we can proactively prevent issues or respond super quickly should something happen. These checks are then repeated every 15 minutes – this means we are alerted as soon as something untoward changes.

Other supported kit

Let’s face it…technology extends to so much more than just desktops and laptops. So how do you retain control over staff tablets and phones? It is so easy for these devices to be accidentally lost or stolen, which means it is imperative to have the ability to reach out to that device and remove the data or even wipe / disable it. Fortunately, our remote device management can do all of that and put you back in control.

Everything you have – managed!

You can also buy services on a per device basis – these are billed monthly and so you pay for what you use:

Server monitoring

Weekday daily checks for £60 per month with any subsequent remedial work charged against your contract.

Online backup

For peace of mind this ensures workstation information or just key folders are backed up with a charge for the amount of data (the allocation can be shared between workstations).

Take the stress out of what you do - get someone else to take on your IT worries. That’ll be us!

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