Printer & Copier Care

While your PCs, laptops and servers may be all sorted, what about your desktop printer or those large freestanding multi-functional devices?  You know the ones that print, scan and copy!

Don’t worry, we have the solution. Whatever your need, we work with the most innovative and dynamic manufacturers to create the ultimate support service.


Printer & Copier Care

Currently leasing your printing device?

No problem with that, but we won’t force you down that route – instead we will look at your circumstances and advise on the best approach for you. Leasing doesn’t suit everyone. Some don’t want or need excessively long contract commitments, instead you might be wanting flexibility as your needs change.

Buying your own toners and consumables?

Running your kit this way could prove to be expensive when compared to a managed solution. Amazingly if you currently spend more than £50 per month on consumables, you could be saving as much as 85% on your ongoing print costs through us!

Are you being ripped off?

Understanding what’s best for you and your business is critical. Obviously you are seeking reliable equipment at a sensible and affordable price. However sadly, the market is full of cons with proposals featuring a ‘headline price’ to lure you in. Don’t be fooled!

Just like any of our services…we will offer you clean, honest advice.

Sort it…with a print audit

Feeling like you are spending too much on printing or its all become a bit of a mixed up mess? Find your way through it all with a print audit. After analysing your current situation in detail, we’ll come back to you with a complete view and detailed proposal showing exactly how much we can save on your ongoing printing costs.

What’s not to like?

So talk to us before you upgrade, add to your printing kit or want the reassurance of cover.

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