CAD Workstations

Want a professional CAD workstation with some serious power? In this world, nothing is more important than the right kit and the right tools. With Turncloud, you can have a machine engineered just right for you.

We have the knowledge and the expertise. Tell us what you want your CAD system to do and we’ll come up with the best options. Don’t get lost in the myriad of choices… let us take the confusion away.

That’s because #ITsDifferentHere


Ideal tools for creatives – we build CAD workstations specifically for your needs. We supply our rendering workstations for CAD, CAM, and CAE to designers, artists, animators and architects with all of our units featuring the latest Intel or AMD Threadripper processors.

Take your pick. We have a range of workstations from light specification Render LT machines to our bespoke Render UT systems. All fully tuned and soak tested before dispatch and installed if required.

What do you use? What do you need?

Whatever design application you’re using, we have a machine that’s up to the job. From the simplest tools like AutoCAD LT or Sketchup through to Indesign or Inventor and more specialist programmes like Revit and Houdini. We can individually tune every specification to your requirements and budget.

Turncad Workstation Options
Packages Render LT Render RT Render XT Render UT
Autocad LT Y Y Y Y
Sketchup Y Y Y Y
Adobe Illustrator Y Y Y
Adobe Photoshop Y Y Y
Blender Y Y Y
Fusion 360 Y Y Y
Indesign Y Y Y
Inventor Pro Y Y Y
Solidworks Y Y Y
Vegas Pro Y Y Y
Visi CAD Y Y Y
After Effects Y Y
Alias Design Y Y
Autodesk 3Ds Max Y Y
Brazil Y Y
Catia Y Y
Cinema 4D Y Y
Revit Y Y
Showcase Y Y
Edius Y
Houdini Y
Maya + Iray Y

How we build a TURNCAD Render Station

Do you want the best performance for your investment?

The demands of CAD software and their intensive use of processing power and memory means you want to get this piece of kit right. So, optimising the hardware and software to work to the very best of its ability to suit the work you do is imperative.
What’s more… we also understand the IT Support involved in keeping everything operating to its highest performance, including:

  • Support – device management, online and remote support
  • Storage – for now and the future of your business
  • Security – ensuring your systems are as bullet proof as possible
  • Connect – making sure every IT system is correctly connected

Get a customised CAD workstation to improve design speeds and your productivity.

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