Local and wide area networks

Computers talk to each other across networks. A LAN in the same office or a WAN between offices (or homes or a coffee shop).

Networks are at the heart of how your machines communicate and they’re at the centre of everything we do. How they’re designed, configured and maintained can have a big impact on your business.

Local and wide area networks

Are there really so many ways to set up a network?

No, not really. But networks don’t just work well out of the box. The design of your network is bespoke to your business – how your devices connect locally and how remote users gain access. There are a few choices and we can explain what they are and suggest which is the best approach for you.

Whatever the needs, we will have seen it all before and are therefore perfectly positioned to help and service your operation.

Take the mystery out of your LAN or WAN with us.

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