WiFi Installations

We’ve all heard of WiFi and probably use it every day; however there are some critical things to consider for a business-grade wireless set up. It’s not complicated, but it can be time consuming.

To make it really clear and simple we can give you a fixed price, so you know where you are from the outset.

Strangely it’s something we love to tackle (maybe it’s in our blood)!

WiFi Installations

What should a really a good wireless installation include?

Offer strong coverage and seamless roaming where multiple points are used
Separate guest and non-guest traffic
Allow unlimited connections
Provide centralised configuration and reporting
Offer a wide range of speeds and protocols
Be robust and capable of being mounted anywhere – even outside
Link buildings with point-to-point WiFi

Too much to think about we hear you cry!

Well that’s where we can step in…

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