Managed Workstation

OK…there are no absolute safeguards but simple steps can make all the difference. Why not take a step back and ask – are all the computers in my network up to date? Would we be safe from a cyber-attack?

In reality just making sure the software on your PCs is up to date is one of the best protections you can employ. However without a centralised update platform, your current level of protection is really only a best guess.

Managed Workstation

What does good cyber security practice look like?

Updates are frequently distributed and while some provide enhancements, many include security fixes to patch vulnerabilities. But, you need to know that these are being applied. The choice is visit every machine and perform the updates or schedule a software tool to do this for you. Scarily, good cyber security practice suggests this should be done every 14 days at least!

Every PC, every laptop in your organisation needs to be managed.

Don’t be left in the dark

Use our workstation management service to keep your kit up to date. This can be either on some or all of your machines including remote team members who can be managed using scheduled tasks, updates and scans.

What does this involve?

  • Updates to Windows and major applications monitored
  • Scheduled installation
  • Remote control / remote background for support
  • Integrated checks
    • Vulnerability scans
    • AV and Firewall checks
    • Hardware checks
    • Failed logins
    • Scheduled tasks

What price for peace of mind?

  • 1 – 9 workstations – £8 per workstation / month
  • 10 – 24 workstations – £7 per workstation / month
  • 25+ workstations – £6 per workstation / month

Why not trial the service for FREE for a month?* (*Trial service for up to 5 machines)

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