September 23, 2020



Can you believe it’s six months since we first went into lockdown?! During that time we’ve become extremely familiar with several new words such as ‘social distancing’, ‘furlough’ and ‘pivoting’ your business. Then we look at the news over the last couple of days…and it does feel a little like we might be going down that route again with many being recommended to work from home if possible. So, what can we learn from what worked and didn’t work last time?

From a business and personal perspective the last few months will undoubtedly have had their ups and their downs. But more importantly, we’ve made it this far. So, we need to hunker down and prepare or ‘pivot’ (using that now familiar term!) our businesses to address this new situation. Here at Turncloud we are really proud of how we have managed to support so many businesses as they have shifted their approach to working. Some of which had to make that shift extremely rapidly given the circumstances. And whether companies are sticking with a mix of home and office working, or going for a full return to working from home, the key is ensuring there is a robust solution. And bearing in mind that we may be in this for the long haul – one that will stand the test of time regardless of what is thrown at us.

Who knows what the future will bring; but having a flexible IT operations and IT support approach is one area that can be controlled. No surprise therefore that several small businesses contacting us at the moment want to find out more about our Managed Workstation support. This way they are assured that their kit (wherever it is), is as up to date as possible with the latest security patches in place. Plus, remote access means much of the activity required happens remotely with the minimum (if any) disruption to the employees. In fact, good cyber security practice suggests checks should be done every 14 days at least! Is that happening for your business? It also doesn’t help when you read articles from leading organisations like People Management highlighting that two fifths of firms have sacked staff due to cyber security breaches during the Covid-19 pandemic.

While you can’t possibly remove the risks entirely, as a small business you can take the responsibility to arm yourself with the tools to significantly reduce the risks. One of our blogs over the last few months dives a bit deeper into what this involves, so worth checking out if you are thinking maybe now is the time to go down this route.

So, if you are not convinced about how your IT is working for you, then we would be very happy to have a no obligation chat. And we will talk plain English, as that is what we do – PROMISE!

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