February 24, 2021



Ever wondered what you really gain by having IT Support? Well, you might think you’re making sure you have that all essential IT back up should something go wrong…or that you will have the latest technology or up to date security protection. For some it might simply be looking to take something off your To Do List and onto someone else’s. And while all these factors are true, there is even more to gain (well we would say that!).

It is true IT support does take away the headache. It passes the pain onto an expert who often knows exactly what to do and in fact, more than likely will have come across a similar situation before. So, speed of resolution is obviously quicker. While many may believe with IT Support they are buying the technology and the technology support, there are a myriad of other elements that offer benefits outside of this. IT isn’t about buying computers. If you had to pin it down, you might say it’s about how data moves. In the first years of a new business, whilst it might not feel like it, you have time and space to prepare your IT systems (and in fact all your systems) to cope with the business you’re hoping to become. All businesses have IT support eventually. Seeking advice, however lightly, at an early stage in your company’s journey will always put you in a better place as you grow.

Equally understanding all of this and more means you will get so much more out of the service and relationship which while intangible in terms of cost will reap long term gains for the business. What sort of other things are we talking about?

Innovation – the speed of new applications being developed; technology advances and cyber security attacks out there can be confusing. For any business needing to be resilient and responsive, you need to know that the technology you are using is current, hardy and prepared.

Change – with the introduction of anything new into a business, there is bound to be change. But those that are the most successful embrace this shift and adopt the new working practices. The benefits of which far outweigh the initial outlay in terms of financial and time and in fact often lead to greater efficiencies and productivity.

Relationship – having an IT support partner who really knows and understands your business means that when a question is asked, or an issue raised there is an expert whose knowledge you can draw upon without spending the time to take them through the whole process or sharing the intricacies of the business. They will already know your business.

Engagement – Take one example recently with a client of ours. They were asked by one of their customers if they could produce a particular label for a piece of kit they were manufacturing for them. As a last resort, after a multitude of avenues had been explored and dismissed, we were approached and asked what would be the best way of achieving this. The simple answer was a particular printer. But the difference was that we knew their business, understood what they did, and the technology involved and therefore knew exactly which was the right printer to sort it out. What’s more; the solution in fact saved many manual hours, was quickly sorted, installed and printing labels on demand.

Evolution – Tomorrow will always be different. Inevitably here at Turncloud, we spend much of our time fixing stuff that doesn’t work, but we also spend a great deal of time trying to predict the future for our customers. Just like you we’re trying to understand what our customers will ask of us in the next few years, so we can put ourselves in the best possible position to respond. Your IT infrastructure will play a big part in this and so whenever we fix something today, we consider how that fix will align with your future plans.

Why are we telling you about this last scenario? It is because, when considering the investment in IT Support, consideration should be given to not just thinking you are buying in a service and that’s it! In fact, with integral IT support who are actively engaged in your business and have a relationship with you – you have an extension of your team. And one that can be there to proactively work with you to discuss and provide solutions working with your business to achieve its objectives.

This leads us back to the question: What do you gain by having IT Support? Honestly, we believe a business is buying so much more than simply this. So, if you are considering if this is the right direction for you, then call us for a chat about what is going on in your company and how our approach to IT Support could help you in the long term.

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