January 29, 2021



It is something we have written about a lot over the last 12 months – making that shift to the cloud. Partly because it has been a reaction to the many different situations businesses have been facing and coping with. For many the pandemic has been the catalyst to make that shift to the cloud, while others are biding their time for when things will go ‘back to normal’. You may well be pondering then – when is the right time to shift to the cloud? Well, our answer to that would be when your business needs it.

Let us take it back a step and understand what being in the Cloud means. Simply put it is about using a network of remote servers hosted on the internet. These are all used to store, manage, and process data. This is different to information operating on your own personal computer or a local server. Going on this journey will take time and effort to be successful, but the longer-term gains are significant – faster IT delivery, more efficiency and probably less expense. Aside from the obvious of creating a more stable working environment for remote working (obviously this is particularly pertinent now!); there are also a multitude of other trigger points that could signal when the moment is right:

Your business is going to stick with the remote working model

Time may have demonstrated that what might have been perceived to have been extremely unlikely 12 months ago; in fact, your business really can still operate even if your team are not all in the same location. Indeed, you are now facing the decision about whether it is worth extending your lease on your office space or if you could significantly reduce your overheads and continue remotely. We are finding several of our customers who made a quick reactive shift to the cloud back in the Spring of 2020 are now actively opting to stick with it. Practically it also allows them to future proof their business for growth and expansion. What is more, they are finding that despite their reservations it works better for them and their team – increased productivity combined with a better work life balance.

End of life hardware or software

The speed of change means those machines that you have had for ages are just simply no longer up to the job. They have reached the end of their usefulness and probably in reality cause more issues than help. For some, kit like this might even be leased and at the point of renewal, so now it makes it a logical time to migrate to a new platform. Yes, this might involve some planned downtime but with careful planning this can be kept to a minimum and managed seamlessly.

Your data is becoming too much

The pace that we all operate at nowadays means we are consuming and creating more and more data. No surprise therefore that at some point where all this information lives needs to be re-considered. Even the most diligent of housekeeping will probably not keep the tidal wave at bay eventually. This is where data storage, server capacity and other IT hardware needs to be able to flex and evolve as a business grows. The old answer would be buy more…buy bigger! Now it can still mean get bigger but without the physical presence of IT kit (not forgetting the essential, appropriate power, cooling and floorspace it all takes up!). Maybe it is time to create an environment that will just quietly absorb this extra capacity, leaving you to be able to get on with doing what your business does best. That is where a Cloud environment can step in.

Moving day is coming

Frankly, at the moment for some this may seem highly unlikely! Particularly with all the associated costs of moving a business and everything associated with it. However, for others now could be the stimulus for their growth. Harnessing the power of the cloud through a cloud service provider could support that expansion while creating an approach that will continue to form a strong foundation for the future.

Rising concerns about protection and disaster recover

News is awash with data breaches, ransomware and the constant peril cyber security presents. Without scare mongering, there is much that can be done to protect a business and the information it holds. Cloud support ably addresses these concerns and protects your business without losing any of your commercial integrity. While there are no absolute guarantees; being as prepared and methodical with your approach as possible will minimise risk and increase your company’s resilience to attack.

So, if you are thinking a Cloud approach should be the way forwards for your business, but not sure how best to make that work then reach out for a no obligation chat. We can talk through your options, explain what it all means and help you through the process.

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